Reasons for Hot Air from an Air Conditioner

It’s widely understood that air conditioners deliver cool air to create a comfortable atmosphere during hot weather conditions. One of the primary reasons for purchasing an air conditioner is to enjoy a hassle-free summer with ample cool air. However, as a responsible owner, it’s important to be aware that your air conditioner can face various problems, including the release of hot air.

If your air conditioner is experiencing any issues, you should contact our certified technicians for air conditioner repair services in Ardmore, OK. Our skilled technicians will expertly fix any issues that occur with your cooling system.

Reasons Why Your AC System Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioner is producing hot air, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the potential causes before reaching out for a repair service. By doing so, you can attempt to resolve the issue on your own or, if needed, contact a heat pump repair specialist in Ardmore, OK, to get it professionally fixed. Below are common reasons why your AC system is blowing warm air:

• Clogged Air Filters

The dust accumulation on your air filters directly affects the cooling efficiency of your system. Too much dust on the filters will force the system to work harder to push cool air outside. This extra work can lead to wear and tear damage, which will reduce the cooling efficiency of your system and result in the system blowing hot air.

It would help to regularly replace your air filters to ensure they do not get clogged easily. Additionally, you can search for AC contractors near me to inquire about air filters with a high MERV rating.

• Dirty Evaporator Coils

If you know the basic cooling procedure in an air conditioner, you’re aware of the importance of evaporator coils. The refrigerant flowing in the coils requires smooth airflow to expand and contract, and this expansion and contraction creates cool air for your home.

The liquid cannot expand or contract properly when dirt and dust are on the evaporator coils, which can cause your home to not receive enough cool air. In such cases, you should contact our certified technicians for air conditioner repair services in Ardmore, OK, for a thorough cleaning of your cooling system.

• Less Refrigerant

The refrigerant in the condenser and evaporator coils cool your home. If inadequate, its low quantity will lead to less cool air, and your system will produce hot air instead.

The reasons for inadequate refrigerant can range from a refrigerant leakage to a lack of maintenance services. Before using your air conditioner during the summer, it’s important to search for trustworthy “AC contractors near me” to get it serviced.

• Clogged Condensate Lines

One of the secondary functions of your air conditioner is to remove excess moisture by capturing it and taking it out through the condensate lines. The condensate lines can get clogged due to bacterial growth or small objects, and the cooling system cannot work efficiently.

Ensure you remove blockages from the condensate lines to receive enough cool air for your home. If you notice problems like water puddles or water leakages, contact our experienced technician for air conditioner repair in Ardmore, OK, to confirm that there is no clogging in the condensate line.

• Leakages in the Ducts

The ducts carry cool air for an even cooling experience. Without efficient ducts, your home will face problems like hot and cold pockets throughout the summer. If your air conditioner produces hot air, ducts may be the reason.

Over time, ducts can generate holes and leaks that can cause cool air to escape into the walls. In such cases, you should search for reputed AC contractors near me to fix the ducts efficiently.

Bottom Line

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