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Service Agreement Options


$49.95 per unit each month – 12 month contract



1. Changing the systems air filter

2. Washing out the condenser

3. Blowing out the condensate drain

4. Visual inspection of unit for any issues to prevent future break downs

5. Customer will also receive a 10% discount an all repairs made during this agreement

$149.95 for the first unit and $75.00 for each additional – no contract needed


Spring Check

1. Check and oil condenser fan bearings.

2. Check and clean condenser coils.

3. Clean and oil indoor motor.

4. Clean evaporator coils as needed

(will increase energy efficiency during heating and – cooling system operation).

5. Clean or replace filters as needed.

6. Check refrigerant charge.

7. Check for refrigerant leaks.

8. Check electrical connections.

9. Check superheat and subcooling.

10. Check air temperature.


Fall Check

1. Check vent pipe for build-up or leaks.

2. Clean heat exchangers (build-up of soot or rust promotes cracks and loss of heat).

3. Check for cracks in heat exchanger.

4. Clean blower and motor on indoor blower.

5. Oil motor bearings on indoor blower.

6. Adjust burner flames for energy efficiency (improper flames promote soot build-up and rust on heater.)

7. Test all safeties on the furnace — pilot, high limits, bonnet limits and any others.

8. Clean permanent filters or change disposable filters.

9. Check thermostat heat anticipator and calibration.

10. Check humidifier operation and pads.

11. Check electrical connections.