The Most Common Summer HVAC Issues

The summer season is incomplete without a sound AC system. However, just before the season begins, you must do a trial run. Turn on your air conditioner and check for issues that may have emerged since the annual tune-up by your technician for AC service, Ardmore, OK.

Some issues commonly emerge during summertime when the air conditioning unit is kept on for hours at a stretch. Most of these issues are relatively common and can quickly be resolved by a service provider for AC repair, Ardmore, OKSome of them may be precursors to more significant issues. Hence it is advisable to have them checked by a technician at the earliest. A list of such issues that commonly occur during summers is mentioned below:

1). Clogged filter

The most common cause for a clogged filter is the accumulation of dirt due to ill maintenance. The more the unit runs, the more it accumulates dirt. It is one of the most common issues in the summertime.

2). Dripping water

Dripping water typically means a clogged drain line; this can result in the water getting into other parts of the unit and causing harm, especially to the electronic components. It puts the whole house at risk.

3). Inadequate cooling

If the AC is on but not cooling enough, it could be because of the connection with the outer unit being broken off. An inadequate amount of freon gas could also cause it. 

4). Short cycling 

The AC frequently turning on and off and back on again, on its own, is called short cycling. This could be a result of clogged filters or electrical problems. If left unchecked, short cycling can harm the compressor.

5). Refrigerant issues

Low refrigerant levels can cause the AC to malfunction and provide inadequate or no cooling. A leak or negligence generally causes a low level. If a leak is not treated on time, it runs the risk of getting more significant.

6). Motor failure

Issues with the capacitor, compressor, or clogged filters can ultimately result in a motor failure as they increase the pressure on the motor. The motor can thus need a complete replacement due to such issues.

7). Capacitor issues

The capacitor is more likely to have issues when the temperature outside is higher. A failure of the capacitor will hinder the motor function, which will ultimately lead to a complete breakdown where your AC will not start.

8). Dirty coils

The coils accumulate most dust throughout the year and must be cleaned during the summers as just cleaning them during the annual maintenance is not enough. Excessive dirt in the coils can hinder the functioning of your unit.

The issues mentioned above, no matter how seemingly minor, should never be taken lightly. You should call for a trusted service for AC repair, Ardmore, OK, as soon as you notice anything unusual. 

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