When Is The Ideal Time To Service An Air Conditioner?

Your AC problems may be the result of not getting it serviced. Avoiding annual AC service is a big mistake that can result in a malfunctioning air conditioner and expensive repairs. An air conditioner is a machine that cannot function properly without regular maintenance.

AC repair in Ardmore, OK, should be performed yearly as part of regular maintenance. If you have your AC serviced annually, you will be able to catch any internal or external damage before it becomes too late.

1.) When Should You Schedule AC Service in the Spring?

With an increase in temperature, air conditioning becomes more necessary. Air conditioners are most often used in late spring and summer. This time of year is also busy for the HVAC industry. An HVAC specialist is required during this time since air conditioners get overworked.

You will feel more relaxed if you schedule your tune-up appointment before temperatures peak. Your unit will work reliably during the summer when post-winter repairs are handled quickly and easily.

Don’t wait until your air conditioner system breaks down on a hot and humid day to get it repaired, as you’ll be stuck in the heat while waiting for a new air conditioner repair in Ardmore, OK, and the surrounding areas. Rather than waiting until spring to schedule professional maintenance, be proactive now.

2.) Does Your AC Need to be Serviced Every Year?

When you have an annual AC service, you will be able to identify the AC faults before using it. It allows you to fix minor problems before they become more serious. A spring AC inspection will also ensure a trouble-free summer as you won’t have to hunt for AC repair technicians during the scorching summer months.

You can delay the effects of some internal AC faults; until then, the problem can become irreversible. You can save money on expensive repairs and high electricity bills by regularly servicing your AC.

3.) Benefits of AC Service

Lower Energy Bills

Your utility bills will be kept in check with bi-annual tune-ups. Your machine is more reliable if it runs smoothly. The accumulation of dust and neglect of your unit’s maintenance equals more money and repairs.

Minimal Repairs

Professional maintenance reduces the need for repairs. Scheduling and following through with maintenance prevent HVAC units from malfunctioning more frequently. In most cases, these fixes are more expensive than routine maintenance.

Keeps Manufacturer Warranties Active

If you neglect regular HVAC maintenance, the manufacturer may revoke any warranties applicable to your system. Manufacturers and experts alike are aware of how crucial regular HVAC maintenance is. Filters need to be changed every one to three months, and expert maintenance must be tracked.

Improves the Efficiency

Your HVAC unit might last longer with biannual maintenance. Units typically last 15 years on average. It should last for another five years if you maintain it effectively. In contrast, if you neglect expert maintenance for years, the unit may need to be repaired or replaced before it reaches its tenth year.

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