Is Air Conditioning Making Your Cough?

As temperatures rise, air conditioning becomes essential to our daily lives. Whether at home or in the office, AC relieves the sweltering heat. However, have you ever noticed that sometimes after being in an air-conditioned environment, you start coughing or experience other respiratory discomfort?

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Here are several aspects that can contribute to coughing or respiratory issues in air-conditioned spaces:


Air conditioners remove moisture, resulting in low humidity levels. Dry air can irritate the respiratory system, causing coughing, dry throat, or nasal congestion.

Poor Air Filtration

If the air conditioning system lacks proper filtration or regular maintenance, it may recirculate allergens, dust, or other pollutants. Breathing in these particles can trigger coughing or worsen existing respiratory conditions. So, get in touch with Allied Services / Hoyle Holt today for quality AC service in Ardmore, OK.

Inadequate Ventilation

In some cases, air-conditioned spaces may have limited fresh air circulation. Stale or stagnant air can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other allergens, leading to respiratory discomfort.

Allergens And Mold Growth

Air conditioning systems can accumulate allergens such as pollen, dust mites, or pet dander. If not cleaned or maintained correctly, they can promote the growth of the mold or mildew, which can further contribute to coughing or allergic reactions.

If you suspect your coughing or respiratory discomfort is related to your air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Services / Hoyle Holt. Our experts are dedicated to providing reliable and effective solutions to enhance indoor air quality and promote well-being. We also offer air conditioner repair in Ardmore, OK, to keep your system operating at peak performance. Contact us for more information.