How To Know Your Heat Pump Needs To Be Repaired

A heat pump is a machine that works as an Air-conditioning unit in the summers and a furnace in the winters. Considering how it combines two utilities into one, it often ends up being used the whole year-round. Any machine being used to such an extent is bound to witness some wear and tear now and then. 

It’s often advisable to check the condition of your heat pump periodically. If any damage is opting for heat pump repair, Ardmore should be numero uno on the to-do list. 

Signs that your heat pump needs urgent attention

During your periodical checks, these are the signs you need to watch out for:-

  • Strange Noise

While a heat pump already makes a fairly superior sound, it makes a distinctive sound when it’s faulty. If your heat pump has started making funny noises that it wasn’t making before, stop everything you’re doing and call for heat pump repair, Ardmore. It’s important to know why your machine is making that noise, and curb the problem as soon as possible. 

  • A Layer of Ice

A heat pump comes with a defrost mode. When a thin layer of ice settles on the unit during winters, the machine automatically switches to defrost mode. But if you can see a thick layer of ice on your unit during winters or summers, it probably means that the defrosting compartment is not working well. Call the experts and get your unit checked before ice harms the inner workings of your heat pump. 

  • Unusually High Electricity Bills

Reduced heat pump efficiency can cause it to use more electricity to give the same results as before. If you notice a large increase in your utility bills without having bought any new electronic appliance, it might be time to check your heat pump. 

  • Ineffective Heating or Cooling

If your heat pump does not heat or cool with as much vigor as before, and you notice reduced heating/cooling, it might need repairs. Don’t try to fix the heat pump yourself; instead, call the team at heat pump repair, Ardmore. 

  • Funny Smells

Your heat pump should not be the cause of any funny smells in the building. A musty smell in the house may indicate the formation of mold in the machine, while a rotting small could indicate an animal’s death that crawled inside the heat pump. Either way, the smells will soon become unbearable and will have to be treated. Another small that’s more dangerous than the former two is the burning smell. 

If you ever smell something burning, there might be electrical glitches in your heat pump. Trying to resolve such issues on your own can cause health hazards and severe accidents. Book an urgent appointment with the team at heat pump repair, Ardmore instead. 

How to Avoid any Serious Issues with your Heat Pump?

Make sure to check your heat pump at least once or twice a year, or bring in a trusted HVAC professional from heat pump repair, Ardmore, for an analysis of your heat pump’s condition. Regular tune-ups and immediate consultations on the occurrence of a problem should help your heat pump have a long life. 

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