Frequent HVAC Issues In The Winter

When the weather becomes colder, your heater becomes one of the most vital appliances in your house. A broken furnace can create an unpleasant environment in your home or, worse, put everyone within in danger.

To prepare your furnace for another long winter, it needs a complete check and any necessary maintenance. Allied Services’ dedicated team of HVAC technicians can ensure that your furnace is in good working order. You can look out for Allied Services by searching for the best heating contractors near me

We inform our customers that it’s also crucial to keep an eye on your furnace’s performance to determine whether it’s showing signs of these reasonably typical problems.

  • Issues Related to Poor Airflow

Poor air movement from your furnace to the various bedrooms is the source of two frequent wintertime heating problems. You must work hard to avoid a clogged air filter. The dirt and other pollutants will jam up the filter. It might obstruct the flow of air from your furnace if it becomes too unclean.

We recommend replacing your disposable air filter every few months if you have one. Remove the reusable filter from your furnace every few months, vacuum it, and then rinse it in warm water before replacing it.

Another reasonably typical issue is uneven heating around your home. This has been discovered to be a side effect of poor airflow, which can be caused by blocked vents, unclean air ducts, or a dirty air filter. Additionally, certain areas in your home may be under-insulated or have cold air leaks. To maintain energy efficiency, these issues must be addressed.

  • Issues Related to Frozen Pipes

The pipes in your HVAC system that are exposed to freezing temperatures and are not adequately insulated, just like the pipes in your network of pipes, can freeze over time, bringing your entire system to a halt. It is vital to insulate these pipelines. High pressure can cause pipes to explode. If they’ve already frozen, you can enlist the help of our team of experts to fix the damage.

  • Other Related Issues

A snuffed pilot light or other damaged or malfunctioning components are the final two HVAC hazards to keep an eye out for this winter. A strong breeze flowing through your furnace or a dusty pilot can cause your furnace’s pilot light to go out. Your furnace will run even if the pilot light is out, but it will not produce any warm air. You can relight the pilot light yourself, but it’s best to leave it to a professional.

Heat pumps and burners can both become clogged with dust. Scraping and rattling noises, as well as loud booms, are all signs of faulty components. If your furnace is producing strange noises, you should contact one of our experts right away.

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