Air Conditioner Not Working? Problems and Solutions

With warm weather in the scene, the last thing that you would want is that your air conditioning appliance suddenly decides to throw tantrums. While regular maintenance and tune-up services help you avoid any such situation, it doesn’t mean that no problem will ever arise.

Listed below are solutions to some of the most common issues that arise with air conditioners. Knowing these solutions early on will save a lot of time and money from expensive AC repair Ardmore OK.

Air Conditioner is Not Turning On

If your air conditioner isn’t working or is not turning on, or is not working, you should probably check your thermostat batteries. See if the batteries are working or are dead. If the batteries are dead, then replace them, but if they are in working condition, check the thermostat settings and see if the cooling mode is on with your desired temperature.

If even the thermostat is on and the AC is still not turning on, then check if the circuit breaker is tripped. If you face problems even after all this, then it is time for you to look for AC contractors near me.

Air-Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

If your air conditioner is switching on but is not blowing cold air, check your air filter. This is a common reason why it won’t blow cold air. If the filter is clogged, it will cause the freezing of the evaporator coil and wouldn’t let the airflow. If so, clean the filter with a soft brush, mild soap, and water. If the filter is not clogged, then ensure that all vents are open and the thermostat is set correctly. There might also be a chance of a problem with the fan or the motor of the fan. 

Air-Conditioner is Not Cooling Enough

Ensure that all the vents are open. If all of them are not open, it is difficult for your AC to cool the entire home. If that is not the case, there might be a chance of a leak in the refrigerant line. Other reasons such a problem arises include the improper installation of the appliance, old air conditioner, or wrong size AC as compared to the requirement of the room. It is advised to contact AC contractors near me to avoid or deal with such problems.

Air-Conditioner Making Weird Noises

Depending on the problem, the air conditioner might make weird noises. For instance, hissing sound occurs due to refrigerant leaks, clicking sounds when turning the AC on and off might be due to relay problem, screeching noise due to issues with the compressor or fan motor, buzzing sounds to faulty electrical components, etc. For such cases, it is best to apply for AC repair in Ardmore, OK

If you face any such problem and think that you cannot resolve the issue, then it is advised to make a booking for AC repair in Ardmore, OKAllied Services can help you save money when you are in search of AC contractors near me. Call us at (580)-223-5434, or drop a mail at [email protected].