6 Signs Your Old Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

One of the important appliances in your home may be your furnace. It served its purpose well, but it may be time to replace it. How can you tell if your furnace is still functional or if you need to start looking for a new furnace installation near me on Google? Read on for more information.

The signs for heating replacement in Ardmore, OK

Here are the top six warning signs that your furnace needs replacement.

• Your Utility Bill has Gone Up

Your energy expenditures could be rising due to a multitude of issues. However, if you have been arranging annual expert maintenance and have had your air ducts properly sealed, your energy expenditure should not increase significantly.

A consistent increase in your heating expenses over time may indicate that your furnace is on its last legs. Your gas and electric expenses may rise when internal parts wear out. If you see a significant increase in your bill, call our local HVAC technician for heating services in Ardmore.

• Your Furnace is Older Than Fifteen Years

The typical lifespan of a gas furnace is 15 years. However, ENERGY STAR recommends replacing an older furnace with an ENERGY STAR-rated furnace, which is 15 percent more energy efficient than other furnaces on the market.

Read up on AFUE ratings, which gauge furnace energy efficiency, to know more about how much money you can save by switching to a new energy-efficient furnace rather than getting a brand new system.

• Your Furnace has Required Repeated Repairs

During the final two years of their lives, furnaces require the most repairs. Like fixing an old automobile, maintaining an old furnace won’t be cost-effective after a certain number of repairs.

Calculate the cost of furnace repairs over the last two years to determine whether purchasing a new furnace is more cost-effective.

It’s probably time for a replacement if you’ve had more than two heat repairs in Ardmore in the past year. Another indicator of whether to replace or repair a furnace is if the repair cost exceeds that of a new furnace by more than 50%.

• Your Furnace is Making Odd Noises

When you turn it on, does your furnace create any rattling, popping, or pounding noises? When an older furnace reaches the end of its lifespan, it makes these odd noises.

• The Thermostat Setting Never Maintains Your Comfort

Are any of your rooms uncomfortably warm or cold? To maintain comfort, do you have to change the thermostat frequently? If so, it could be that your furnace can no longer adequately distribute heat throughout your home.

• Your Burner's Flame is Yellow

It may indicate the presence of carbon monoxide if your furnace’s flame is yellow rather than blue. Our heating replacement technicians in Ardmore, OKadvise that any color other than blue in the furnace flame can signify incomplete combustion and a potentially dangerous issue, such as gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

Our heat pump repair experts in Ardmore say that carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, is generated every time fuel is burned. The following are some indications that your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide:

  • Absence of an upward draft in the chimney, and soot streaks around the furnace.
  • Rust on flue pipes or other pipe connections seen on windows, walls, or other cold surfaces.

Leave your home and call your utility company to cut off your gas if your furnace emits carbon monoxide. 

Add up the Signs for Heating Replacement in Ardmore, OK

You should consider purchasing a new furnace from a reputable heating company if you can relate to more of the warning signs mentioned above. Consult with our heating service experts in Ardmore before making a choice. There are numerous varieties of heating systems available.

If you require a new furnace, type “furnace installation near me” into Google or inquire with Allied Services/Hoyle Holt.

Call us at (580)-223-5434 or email us about our furnace line. We are pleased to offer a heating replacement in Ardmore, OK.